Languages of Papua New Guinea

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Tute, DavidSIL-PNG 20152016Communications, International/Government Relations
Pouye Artefacts2016Anthropology
Language Learning: Gabido: Description: 2014 June calendar picture2016Linguistics
Pouye Fishing2016Anthropology, Language and Culture Learning
Language Learning: Megan: Description: 2014 March calendar2016Linguistics
Language Learning: Diana: Beth's visit2016Linguistics
Language Learning: Diana: Description: 2014 January2016Linguistics
Language Learning: Diana: Description of calendar cover2016Linguistics
Language Learning: Ori: Butterfly Story2016Linguistics
Language Learning: Perolyn: story of boy, snake, tree2016Linguistics
Language Learning: Ori: Paradigm for putting canoe under house2016Linguistics
Language Learning: Sandra: garden work2016Linguistics
Language Learning: Barbara: Beth and YWAM visit2016Linguistics
Language Learning: Ori: Description: 2014 May2016Linguistics
Language Learning: Edna: Description: 2014 calendar cover2016Linguistics
Language Learning: Bo'ore: building a house2016Linguistics
Language Learning: Bo'ore: Description of 2015 Dec calendar2016Linguistics
Language Learning: Barbara: Description: Dec 2015 Calendar2016Linguistics
Language Learning: Bo'ore: Preparing for visitors2016Linguistics
Language Learning: Christine: Description: 2014 April2016Linguistics
Language Learning: Ori: Description of 2015 June calendar2016Linguistics
Language Learning: Sandra: description of Nov 2015 Calendar picture2016Linguistics
Language Learning: Diana: Tense2016Linguistics
Language Learning: Esther: Description: April 2015 Calendar2016Linguistics
Language Learning: verb paradigm 'Put'2016Linguistics
Language Learning: Gaubere: Description: Feb 2014 calendar2016Linguistics
Pouye Sand Drawings2016Arts and Ethnomusicology
Pouye Stories: WWII2016Arts and Ethnomusicology, Language and Culture Learning, Library/Museum/Archiving
Pouye Jew's Harp2016Arts and Ethnomusicology
Pouye Garamut Pictures2016Arts and Ethnomusicology
Pouye Bilums2016Arts and Ethnomusicology
Pouye Body Art2016Arts and Ethnomusicology
Pouye Fish Nets2016Anthropology, Arts and Ethnomusicology
Pouye Bilas: Miscellaneous2016Anthropology, Arts and Ethnomusicology
Pouye Baskets2016Anthropology, Arts and Ethnomusicology
Pouye Conch2016Communications, Arts and Ethnomusicology