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King, PhilTok Pisin and Mobail Teknoloji2014Language and Linguistics in MelanesiaLinguistics
Sam Kulu Unun Dili2014
Sanders, Joy, compilerKamasau Word List- Segi dialect2014Language Assessment, Linguistics
Informed Consent Form2014Academic Training, Language and Culture Learning, Linguistics, Language Program Management, Language Technology, Sociolinguistics, Vernacular Media
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Boyd, AdamEnga Imperatives2014Linguistics
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West, EdithWajakeso Noun Phrases2014Linguistics
West, Dorothy; West, EdithWajokeso Grammar Analysis2014Linguistics
King, PhilTentative Grammar Description for the [khz] Kalo Language2014Linguistics
Pennington, RyanTone in Gadsup Noun Phrases2014Linguistics
Hughes, NgaireBunama Sentences2014Linguistics
Hughes, NgaireBunama Sequences of Sentences2014Linguistics
Hughes, NgaireBunama Clauses2014Linguistics
Olson, CliffordParticipant Referencing in Gumawana Narrative2014Data Papers on Papua New Guinea LanguagesLinguistics
King, PhilPerspectives on Translating YHWH in Papua New Guinea2014The Bible TranslatorTranslation
Kamasau Word List- Hagi dialect2014Language Assessment, Linguistics
Ghini cultural videos and demonstrations2014Anthropology, Arts and Ethnomusicology, Language and Culture Learning
Garamut Part 2: Tiqe mandi2014Anthropology, Language and Culture Learning
Garamut Part 3: Ignas Tumu wub ningg wand quari nand2014Anthropology, Language and Culture Learning
Garamut Part 1: Wub meri mo2014Anthropology, Language and Culture Learning
Kamasau welcome2014Anthropology, Language and Culture Learning
Sago processing: splitting and pounding2014Anthropology, Language and Culture Learning
Sago processing: washing and packaging2014Anthropology, Language and Culture Learning
Cooking sago and greens in traditional clay pots2014Anthropology, Language and Culture Learning
Making a Grass Skirt - Part 12014Anthropology, Language and Culture Learning
Making a Grass Skirt - Part 22014Anthropology, Language and Culture Learning
Making a Grass Skirt - Part 32014Anthropology, Language and Culture Learning
Participant Identification in Bwaidoka Discourse2014Linguistics
Kamasau Word List- Ghini Dialect2014Language Assessment, Linguistics
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Wedau (Topura Dialect) Organised Phonology Data (OPD)2013Linguistics
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Gamudze, Titus, Tom Hadzata and Phil KingTentative Grammar Description for the Guhu Samane Language2013Linguistics, Translation
Baku, Katawer and Joyce WoodTentative Grammar Description for the Arammba Language2013Linguistics, Translation
Eko, Robert and Mack GrahamTentative Grammar Description for the Angaataha Language2013Linguistics, Translation
Aki, Mambu and Ryan PenningtonTentative Grammar Description for the Amam Language2013Linguistics, Translation
King, PhilCase Studies of the Translation of Divine Names in Papua New Guinea2013Translation
Taba, Ali, Aua Alua and Namsoo KimTentative Grammar Description for the Nara Language2013Linguistics, Translation
Ikamu, Gabriel and Joong-Hwan JoTentative Grammar Description for the Tairuma Language2013Linguistics, Translation
Uko, Beata and Namsoo KimTentative Grammar Description for the Waima Language2013Linguistics, Translation
Oa, Morea and Ma'oni PaulTentative Grammar Description for the Gabadi Language2013Linguistics, Translation
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