Languages of Papua New Guinea

Who We Are 

SIL Papua New Guinea is founded on the principle that communities should be able to pursue their social, cultural, political, economic and spiritual goals without sacrificing their ethnolinguistic identity.

SIL-PNG is dedicated to vernacular language development and the translation of materials within the country of Papua New Guinea. We play a role in the development of orthographies for unwritten languages and publish academic studies in hundreds of languages we have analysed. SIL also supports and promotes literacy activities.

We believe that indigenous cultures are well preserved through writing systems when local knowledge is written and preserved for future generations in a language the people understand. Vernacular language development also prepares indigenous cultures to meet the demands of a greater world outside their normal geographic boundaries.

SIL-PNG is a non-profit organization receiving funds from various private, public, educational, and government institutions and operates by the expressed invitation of the government of Papua New Guinea.

We are a subsidiary to the greater corporation SIL International. As a faith-based nonprofit organization, SIL works alongside language communities as they discover how to harness the power of their language to address challenges and reach their goals.